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The jujube cultivar pictures listed on this website are all from New Mexico State University's Sustainable Agriculture Science Center at Alcalde with a few pictures taken from the Los Lunas Science Center.

We have established jujube cultivar trials at NMSU Alcalde, Los Lunas, Tucumcari and Leyendecker Centers. The cultivar descriptions are quite basic now.

As we collect more data from different locations, we will update them with more details.

All pictures were taken by Shengrui Yao or as indicated.

NMSU's Jujube Program Contacts:

Dr. Shengrui Yao
Professor / Extension Fruit Specialist
Phone: 505-852-4241
Email: yaos@nmsu.edu

Robert Heyduck
Senior Research Specialist
Phone: 505-852-4241
Email: rheyduck@nmsu.edu

Image of Jujube Fruit
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